Raise your job market value by verifying your knowledge

Do you know what you should know to be valuable in the job market?

Fast Degree introduces you to the concept of Headai Fast Learning where testing comes first and you’ll only study those topics you don’t already know. It helps in revealing the true skill set you possess and expanding your knowledge with material collected by Headai’s AI to support learning – e.g. videos, books, wiki, news. At the whole time you will be verificating your knowledge that will be added to your Headai Skill Diploma.

How it works:

- Open the app and register with your email. You’ll receive a verification email to activate your account.

- Answer the quick survey and get started with exploring the topics

- Start building your knowledge base. There are many free topics available. You can buy coins to open nanodegrees which cover groups of closely related knowledges with their core topics.

- Verify your knowledge with quick and simple tests. Use the learning material in case you need it.

- Gather skills to your diploma which covers your verified knowledges, accomplished nanodegrees and the estimation of your market value*. The diploma can be opened/shared anytime.

*Market value is calculated based on combination of stat.fi open data on salaries and EU labour market job-skill definitions.

Start building your future and leveraging your position in the job market.

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