• Have you had time to read "AI From Finland" by @BusinessFinland ? It's good compilation of Finnish AI companies. Y… https://t.co/EZ9wzZww8T
    Headai about 4 days ago
  • On this AI Landscape, you can see all companies that had speakers on any AI Monday meet-up. #AI #companies https://t.co/HmOZYfQgTA
    Headai about 9 days ago
  • Congrats to @TATtalks for the best digital learning solution in Finland 2020 and thanks for the cooperation!… https://t.co/j8iIkRjmZG
    Headai about 9 days ago
  • They ask, "Can I test your AI?" We say, "Yes you can." There are a few free applications and services available th… https://t.co/6VwsM5vZ1u
    Headai about 11 days ago
  • Headai joins this year's EEX Journey development program #EEXJourney @EEX_Global https://t.co/bYsfyx6xQf
    Headai about 11 days ago
  • RT @EEX_Global: 💥 Presenting: the Advisory Board of @headaiofficial in #EEXJourney January 2021! ▪️ Teemu Lang ▪️ Ville Pesonen ▪️ Maija…
    Headai about 11 days ago
  • “Metropolia wants to be a pioneer in taking sustainable development goals into account in competence development”,… https://t.co/R0S3nW3NDb
    Headai about 16 days ago
  • Data was in action today at @crazytownoy. Our Communications Manager @Hammeero showcased our customer cases with Da… https://t.co/K5dDTYMfCM
    Headai about 22 days ago
  • The Agenda2030 tool gives university experts the possibility to analyze the current situation of education, and dev… https://t.co/uLjscEW3tU
    Headai about 24 days ago
  • A 13 min video report by @HKetamo about our Estonian cooperation. https://t.co/sBeOwAm3cz Read the whole customer case at our website.
    Headai about 26 days ago
  • Our tech is used here for boosting conversational experience for personalized student services of #3UAS with our NL… https://t.co/uYlJfUNcAM
    Headai about 29 days ago
  • Connecting curriculum development with labor market needs. Visit our website and read the customer story – Estonian… https://t.co/EyEJJiz3pC
    Headai about 32 days ago
  • The curriculums and SDG-related materials are machine-read to form interoperable models that can be simulated to st… https://t.co/FAWGnjuej7
    Headai about 32 days ago
  • Headai about 36 days ago
  • Last October, @hketamo held his keynote "Redesigning Talent Pipeline" at #AINordic. At the studio with Ella Kannine… https://t.co/pkf5Rewxmd
    Headai about 36 days ago
  • "Headai has positioned itself in the very centre of key discussions of future society" – Read the customer story: E… https://t.co/83PK1rZTJD
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