• Here is a blog from #Finnwards about @TechFinland #skillspulse, powered by Headai. https://t.co/SytpBTMTeB
    Headai about 4 days ago
  • RT @TAMK_UAS: #TAMK and @TampereUni #ICT4N project brings #ICT experts and companies together in a new way. Highly educated foreign ICT pro…
    Headai about 6 days ago
  • Analyzed with our #AI: Technology industries, Finland's largest export sector needs 130,000 new experts within 10 y… https://t.co/m6KrfPcaBy
    Headai about 7 days ago
  • RT @MariTaverne: Huikeaa kehittämistyötä @TAMK_UAS ja @Headai_fi ja ICT4N-hanke. Julkisen datan hyödyntäminen työnantajan ja työntekijän ko…
    Headai about 8 days ago
  • Headai, KONE, Operon, Valmet, and Vaisala took part in Vietnam-Finland business roundtable aiming for cooperation i… https://t.co/YAfKqDcIu4
    Headai about 12 days ago
  • RT @pvesterbacka: Vietnam wants to learn from Finland’s experience to develop fast and sustainably, National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh H…
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  • RT @pvesterbacka: The Vietnam Finland business roundtable about to start. Great to have the amazing @HKetamo from @headaiofficial sharing h…
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  • For our Finnish-speaking followers – an interesting @SitraFund webinar is in action right now 👇 https://t.co/2TiDgEDOtq
    Headai about 22 days ago
  • Headai was chosen into TOP12 in the Superfinns program. The selection criteria included a scalable business model,… https://t.co/1WHETqgf94
    Headai about 29 days ago
  • Here it comes again, the 3rd AI & Business Strategies event. Headai will be present also this year. Mark the date i… https://t.co/mx0DE6oY3R
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  • It is fun to get mentions, even if they are autogenerated ones, but let's keep up hard work to gain real ones also!
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  • RT @mydataorg: Does your company work with #personaldata? Join us on 23 September for an information session on the personal data revolutio…
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  • Headai has been chosen among the most innovative western-based ML companies 🎉 #machinelearning #growthcompany https://t.co/swUW5TXNsw
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  • Webinar 6 Sep: @HKetamo will join the discussion about hidden competence in @SitraFund event on 6 September. The se… https://t.co/jcOb7D7k0z
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  • Headai brings a new level for business intelligence by automating qualitative analysis. In other words, we can auto… https://t.co/oc5WixJ10M
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  • Headai develops tools to automate human capital analysis. #SoftKPIs #HumanCapital
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