• For our Finnish-speaking followers in the Tampere region: we would appreciate it if you answered our questionary ab… https://t.co/jT1UUxLlSy
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  • Our textual digital twins bring @BusinessFinland a new way to profile companies and match them with global investor… https://t.co/uTsgftIzFX
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  • You can also take a virtual tour at Expo Dubai here: https://t.co/mQcS40V1iz Visit Haaga-Helia stand to see Crysta… https://t.co/73nnMElHgG
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  • Happy Holidays from team Headai! Find our newsletter wrapping up year 2021 here: https://t.co/NOiKjul9zb https://t.co/lwms3t6YvZ
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  • Highlights of the year 2021: Crystal Ball reveals future careers at Dubai Expo 2020 https://t.co/anbvCdsmSG #expo2020 #dubai #headai
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  • RT @FinlandExpo2020: Visible for around 200 nights of the year, nature's incredible light show, the Aurora Borealis, can be seen in the win…
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  • Read the article by @Stereoscape about the Crystal ball that combines a cool UI and our Cognitive #AI inside to rev… https://t.co/kFJ6Sp7qbv
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  • RT @Hki_Partners: Education #AI in action: “50% of employees will need #reskilling by 2025,” says @anupassi. @headaiofficial automates cog…
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  • RT @Hammeero: No flat with a hat! Olin tänään Aulangolla kertomassa, miten tekoälyllä (=älykäs tekstianalytiikka) voidaan teroittaa OPS:ej…
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  • RT @KagisoKoyabe: @headaiofficial delivering a great session on AI and how it can be a tool for impactful development!! #BoostUp2021 #SAIC
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  • RT @EliasRobotCom: We are revolutionizing the way to learn languages by incorporating 🤖#robots and🧠#AI into language education. Check out o…
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